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From COVID-19 to a climate focused renewal: a global conversation

Transforming our existing ways of thinking, doing and seeing is not easy. We can’t do it alone. It’s made possible through conversations, collaborations and learning together. To this end, I was fortunate to convene a conversation with leaders — Sam Rye, Sarah McArthur and Brenton Caffin, in collaboration with States of Change. The conversation was in response to the provocations: how can we learn from COVID to take further, faster action on climate change? And how might we reframe an approach to system change for climate action in a way that inspires, motivates and sustains change?

“It is in the next ten years that we are actually determining the future of humanity and the planet”

Christiana Figueres

Reflections & extensions of this conversation

Below, I briefly explore themes touched on during this conversation. I don’t attempt to transcribe or capture the breadth and depth of what was said by speakers and guests, but rather write key themes and questions to extend the conversation.

Closing remarks

I started a sequence of conversations as part of a practice-based leadership course within a Master of Design Futures, RMIT. I am grateful to everyone who participated in conversations and to the team at States of Change for providing an open, participatory platform for public sector innovation. The more we can provide opportunity to citizens with ideas and potential, the more likely we’ll knit together the fabric of ideas and people for a climate-focused renewal.


Brain, T 2018, “The Environment is not a System,’ APRJA, Vol 7(1).

Strategic designer, facilitator, doer | Design for Learning | Systemic Design | Regenerative Futures

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